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Phil Sarazen's Hands

I bumped into Phil Sarazen the other day, or he bumped into me. Phil is a dreamer - but he works to get things done, to save the world, a better place: though some see him ungrounded. And! And he's manifesting; getting things done.

Just last week, as I walked past the ROM (The Royal Ontario Museum), I noticed that the bicycle-posts, the things you can lock your bike to, had been replaced with these new art works, metal works. And Phil tells me that they're his. He made them. (Among other things, he's a welder.) "All the bike posts in Toronto have got to be replaced," he tells me,"because you can break them with a two-by-four as a lever," and Phil's the first onto the gig. Oh, and he has plans - socially responsible plans, but, but his hands - they are painful, they are a little bit swollen, they are arthritic. "Can you help?" he asked.
     "I can try."

Later we were talking about anti-aging, rejuvenation stuff. Live forever (or at least, Methuselahn years) - Phil still the dreamer, even though he's the one here manifesting concrete, metal bike-posts. Telemeres, he tells he, are out of date. It malformed proteins accumulating...

"Alright," I said. "But I'm going to blog this. I'm going to blog the healing, the rejuvenation of Phil Sarazen's hands."
    He's coming into the office tomorrow. Stay tuned.

                                                                    Thur. 10/7/8

  one might like to skip to the bottom line where, two years on, Phil has found a solution

Sat. 12/7/8

Phil came in Friday, yesterday. Brought me a picture of one of the new bike-posts, and a picture of his hands.

I had thought, when we talked, that the problem was a generalised osteoarthritic condition of the hands, and was fairly confident that it would respond to several lines of treatment. Ah but, its not simply OA. The pain is located at on particular wrist bone: the scaphoid (AKA: "navicular") - where the thumb joins the arm. Phil feels the problem arose from years of putting pressure on the base of the thumb riding his bike and grinding his metalwork. Still we have treatment options and I will tell you about them in our next posting (I didn't bring the file home, so I'm missing the details - oh, and note, re. confidentiality, that Phil has approved of this blog/post).

(We concentrated on "distraction" of the right wrist - focusing on the scaphoid, and fascilitated motion (fsm) to the left wrist.
Use the Magnetic-Acupuncture-Suction-Cups (MASC) on Spleen 10, which I employ as an anti-inflammartory modality - if it works, the MASC are something the patient can do at home.)


Tues 14/7/8

On our initial visit (11/7/8) we tried a view trial treatments; primarily gentle mobilization techniques, on the one hand concentrating on distraction, on the other hand concentrating on simple facilitated movement (of which I will write more). We saw a moderated response: Phil thought perhaps his hands felt 10% better.

When I saw Phil yesterday, Monday, I found that my identification of the locus of pain (over the scaphoid) of the previous day, was in error; that the locus as closer to the base of the thumb, on the palmar side, near the first metacarpal joint (between the trapezium and 1st metacarpal). Again we did gentle mobilization, and again saw a moderate improvement. (I need to bring the notes home to fill in the details.)

One further point: Phil feels that an important part of posting this discussion of his hands (on blog and on line) is to invite suggestions and comments that might be helpful from the cybersphere. Please, if you've any thoughts, send them.

(On the 14th used electrotherpay to the right thenar and wrist.
Needled Hoku (LI4) on the left and did a little fsm,
and MASC to Spleen 10 bilaterally



24/7/8 Thursday

A couple more treatments: no dramatic change, though Phil feels there is some gradual improvement. "I wouldn't be coming otherwise."

Some of the wrist bones can be "adjusted" chiropractically. (I will write more one this shortly.).




When I would ask Phil if he thought he could feel any benefit from the treatment, he would say that he wouldn't be coming if he didn't see any benefit. But he hasn't been back for a month. He might be extra busy; he might be out of town in August' or the benefits might be too little to offset the bother.

 3/4/10 Phil wrote to me: "Found a formula to fix my hands. Had to move a large family, the man who packed the boxes was a 250lb weight lifter, every box was a struggle, after 1/2 and hour I had to stretch after every box, the move took 10 hours, after that no pain in my hands. It returned but not as bad and now I have a formula. Phil" 




Norman Allan

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