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Curriculum Vitae


Norman Allan PhD DC


Neurophysiologist Chiropractor Practitioner of Holistic Medicine

(Acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy, Herbs, Homeopathy, Nutrition)

American, British and Canadian citizen



B.Sc. (Hons. Zool.) Lond. Degree in Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, specialising in Genetics and Embryology, with a subsidiary in Social Anthropology. (1965)

Ph.D. Sussex University. "The Central Control of Vocalization in the Chick of the Domestic Fowl", a neurophysiological and neuroethological study of expressive motor behaviour. (1970)

Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. (1986)


Further Training:

Acupuncture (1984/85 and again in 1985/86 I audited the elective in Acupuncture at Toronto University Medical School. Later studies with the Anton Jayasauria, Shio Lan Xiao, and others)

Homeopathy (1985, initially studied with D. Talbot. Later audited Hahnemann College’s Advanced Training Course)

Herbology (1995, training with Michael Vertolli, three modules)

CranioSacral Therapy (1990-1992, including Advanced Level Training with John Uppledger)

Visceral Manipulation (1991-1993, Uppledger Institute)

Bioenergetic Psychotherapy (1991-1996, Toronto Society for Bioenergetic Analysis)


2009 - 2011: teaching medical acupuncture to health care professionals.

1986-present: Private Clinical Practice (specialising in Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Herbology, CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Nutrition, Acupuncture)

1997: Designing clinical trial of the management of Osteoarthritis with a nutritional supplement for Arthritic Trust of America

1992-1995: Research into ultradilution phenomena (homeopathy), Botany Department, University of Toronto

1987-1991: Chief Science Examiner to the Board of Directors of Massage of Ontario. (1988-1991: Member of the Education Steering Committee)

1984-1991: Research Associate at the University of Toronto in the laboratory of Prof. Pomeranz. (Basic research into the workings of Acupuncture, Bioelectricity, Wound Healing, and in clinical and pure research into Environmental Hypersensitivity and Food Sensitivity. Also, consultant with the laboratory’s work in ultradilution, i.e. homeopathy, and with "healing", e.g. therapeutic touch.)

1970-1971: Special Lecturer and Post-doctoral Fellow in the Psychology Department of York University, Downsview, Ontario (conducting research into the non-verbal vocal behaviour of the human infant)


Further Relevant Experience:

2009 - ongoing: Designed, Administered, and Taught "Clinical and Theoretical Acupuncture" to health care professionals in Cornwall, Ontario (2009) and at the Toronto School of Medical Acupuncture (2010 - ).

2003: Taught Embryology at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

1999-2003: Taught the scientific underpinning of "Trigenics" at Alan Austin Institute of Trigenics.

1993-2001: Member of the Comprehensive Pain Investigation Unit at the Toronto Hospital (Western division)

1983-1987: Attending Neuroscience rounds at the Toronto Western Hospital

1995-1996: Co-founder (along with the Canadian National Cancer Institute) of an ad hoc Committee to study Gaston Naessens’ 714-X cancer treatment

1992-1993: Taught Anatomy (gross, micro, and developmental) at the International Academy of Homeopathy, Toronto

1987-1990: Secretary of the Eastern Board of the Physical Medicine Research Foundation

1987: Arranged for access to the Toronto Western Hospital Neuroscience rounds for the CMCC Fellowship program

1984-1985: Taught in the Neurodiagnosis course at CMCC

1983-1984: Taught the first year Neuroscience course at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

1970-1971: Special Lecturer at York University, Downsview, in the Psychology Department


Publications in preparation:

A book on Alternative Medicine

With Shu and Pomeranz. "Wound Healing and Electrical Resistance as measured in arthroplasty in osteo- and rheumatoid arthritic patients"

With Shu and Pomeranz. "Electrical Resistance at acupuncture sites after needling"

With Zalin, Pomeranz, and Krop. "Clinical correlates with spontaneous basophil degranulation in Food Sensitive patients"


Past Publications:

Many articles on Alternative Medicine (list available upon request)


Special Interests:

Holistic and multidisciplinary approach to human biology and healing. Developing and sharing professional skills in teamwork.



Dr. Norman Allan

2 College Street

suite 301

Toronto, Ontario M5G 1K3

tel: 416 928 9272

email: normanallandr@yahoo.ca