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"Energy Balance"
At the March "Medicine Show" I was asked about "energy balance" and balancing "energies". I'm working on an answer for April's session: meanwhile, my rough first thought run thussishly...

The phrase "energy balance" inclines one to think conceptually in terms of an "energy" homeostasis.
     With "chakras" and with acupuncture points and meridians, I am more inclined to think in terms of "blockages" (and unblocking the same).
     Can blockages be seen as leading to excesses and insufficiencies? Yes. A "dam" with energy pooling upstream and defficient down stream.


according to, for instance, John Uppledger (of CranioSacral Therapy)
"energy follows intention"


re. "energy balance": see also
vital energy
and "the substance of life"




JK 5 step unblocking and smoothing

WH Reich's concept of too much


would an unblocked/smooth flowing system show excess energy? probably not.
might it show insufficient energy Possibly


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