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Gale writes, "I need a homeopathy remedy for stomach ulcer pain. Not sure what type of ulcer." Then in response to a request for more details: "The stomach pains start dull and uncomfortable and builds to a sharp burning pain which won't even allow me to stand up straight. Vomiting occurs. A couple hours after vomiting, sharp burning pain stops but stomach is sore and still slightly cramped for 1-2 days. This happens 3-4 times a month." And further: "Not really sure what triggers attacks. There isn't any noticeable patterns to the attacks. Notice that when I vomit, it isn't food. I think it's stomach acid. Clear, sour tasting. Details of myself: Iím 22 years old, single, no children, work full-time, overweight by maybe 10-15 pounds. chronic sinus problems. intolerance for heat and sunlight. (had 2 heatstrokes) throughout life: bloody noses. used to be daily when a child, finally got down to couple times a year. last year: benign ovarian tumor removed. cystic acne on forehead, sometimes on back of neck Personality: for the most part, people person. outgoing, friendly, talkative. sometimes tend to be irritable, temperamental, confrontational, stressed out. very insecure, low self-esteem, get depressed from time to time. PMS: bad! depressed, weepy, periods last from 5-7 days.

Dear Gale

with reference to gastric and duodenal ulcers, the medical prescription is
∑ bland foods (this has to be balanced against questions of food sensitivity, which you may also, in all likelihood be prone to. I will be posting a dialogue on food sensitivities shortly)
∑ and the treatment of Heliobacter pylori, a bacteria found in the gut with a high correlation to ulcers. (Discovered by the Australian M.D. ____? in the 80ís this was a maverick theory until the 90ís.) Orthodox medicine would treat Heliobacter with antibiotics.

Complementary medicine has many milder, though effective remedies for bacterial infection, but we are going to need to be very careful with them given the delicate condition of your gut
∑ probiotics (lactobacillus acidophilus) - friendly bacteria - are going to help the situation and be a balm to the gut. (Chlorophyll, too might be a boon.)
∑ And that brings up "green juices" - Green Kamut, etc. If you tolerate them, they would be a great and gentle way of obtaining high grade nutrition (which can only help, whatever your problem). (There are also "green supplements" - as opposed to foods - like "Greens Plus" which also might be useful.)
∑ possibly the most helpful approach will be to work with herbs (again, if you tolerate them well). For ulcers we turn to my teacherís (Michael Vertolli) general healing formula - demulcents, astringents, vulneraries - and in this context, because of the possible bacterial link, we would add antimicrobials. I suggest therefore that you try the following formula:- (tinctures, for preference)

Plaintain, 10 drops (demulcent, astringent, vulnerary)
Calendula, 10 drops (vulnerary, antimicrobial)
Mallow, 10 drops (demulcent)
Goldenseal, 5 drops (antimicrobial, astringent)

in a little water, on an empty stomach (30 minutes before meals), three times a day.

Garlic would be useful as an antimicrobial, if it is tolerated.

∑ homeopathy remedies: as a first aid remedy try Colocynthus 30C.
For a constitutional remedy, from your brief self-description, Iím wondering about
nat m (emotional insecurity, holding things in, for example, brooding)
sepia (independent, and from this, might be detached)
phos (effervescent, and therefore also prone to exhaustion - but all constitutions can be exhausted)

It is puzzling that the attacks are not related to eating (time and type) as one might expect with ulcers.

You mention also chronic sinus problems. The herbal formula, above, will probable be of some help with this. I find acupuncture particluarly effective with sinus congestion. Ideally needling Large Intestine 21 (LI 21) and Bladder 2 (B2) - but failing that use your nails to dig in to the skin (so that you can certainly feel it! But donít break the skin!) for 20 minutes.

LI 21 is right at the corners of the nose. (The "flaps" round our nostrils are called alars (wings) - laterally, half way up the alars, dig in to the corner of the nasel alars).

If we are using the fingers we should stimulate B1 (which is a point that cannot be needled - therefore we use B2) into the sides of the bridge of the nose, medial to the eyes.

Needling LI 21 and B2 causes draining of the sinuses.

With reference to the benign ovarian tumour - at some point we need to get you on the "treatment for most conditions" to detox and support the immune system, and while doing the immune support/adaptogens include "wild ginger" (not related to ginger per se) which is a specific for ovarian and uterine conplaints!