Norman Allan
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W. S. askes "In the candid diet can you eat mushrooms- yougurt- ake (sic) astragalus?"

Astraglus you can eat for sure. It is the root of a variety of vetch, which is a legumonus plant, a "pulse", and is a deep immune tonic.

Yougurt, too, can stay on your diet - I think - it is fermented by bacteria, not yeasts, so why not? I can think of no reason: except emoirical evidence. If, for instance, you found that you bloated from yugurt, then avoid it.

Mushrooms. A harder can. Most alternative "authorities" say that if you are infected by fungi, e.g. candida, then avoid eating any fungi or fungal products (levened bread included?). I don't buy that arguement. So I would say, rather, follow your intuition.