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A friend at WWN asks what can be done about Ragweed hayfever.

In Southern Ontario ragweed season is usually the last two weeks of August through September. This year the plants are all one to two weeks early.

What can be done?

Some short term answers are:

Try (first-aid) homeopathy. The remedies that you might try for ragweed hayfever include: Sabadilla 30C, Solidago 30C (note: Solidago is goldenrod, which is a "companion plant" of the ragweed)
- if the eyes are burning with the hayfever you might also try Allium cepa 30C (onion).
- Let three pellet dissolve under the tonque in a clean mouth.

For general hayfever (though less so for ragweed) Pollen 30C (a homeopathgic preparation from various pollens) might be tried.

Try acupuncture: it can be very effective in the short term for the symptoms of allergies. [This is discussed at more length in my discussion of allergies, asthma and anaphylaxis.]
Also, Traditional Chinese medicine/acupuncture might also be part of a long term regime aimed at the underlying problems.

For a long term solution see our article of the "treatment for most conditions". This is a regime that alternates between detoxification and immune support and it certainly will help you in the long run (as may classical constitutional Homeopathy).

See also our page on allergies.