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Robert writes asking about Rheumatoid Arthritis:

"Hello Doctor Allan My name is Robert and I am seeking information for my mother. She has acute rheumatoid arthritis and suffers unbearably with it. At times she is nearly crippled with it. She has been to a rheumatologist and had several drugs prescribed but nothing works. She is in constant pain and I feel so helpless. I have been on the net trying to find someone who can help her. Do you have any suggestions? I would be very greatful for any information. Thank you.

Robert; disease pathologies take a long time coming and can take a long time to reverse. In an elderly patient with severe Rheumaoid Arthrritis (RA) we should look for comfort rather than cure. Some thoughts:

If your mother came into my office as my patient the first thing I would think about is acupuncture. (See my notes on arthritis.)
I would also explore, as discussed in these notes, laser acupuncture and "transcutaneous nerve stimulation" (TNS or TENS) which can be used by the patient at home.
Stimulate Spleen 10, as discussed, as well as the areas of swelling, stiffness, and pain.
TNS machines are available for as little $80 for the simplest, or you can pay an arm and a leg for sophistication.

Next I would look at diet. Again, look at arthritis. Aslo, gently, she should begin to "detox": see a treatment for most conditions. (Note: among the adaptogens Reishi has been cited for its benefits in RA.)

Next, I would look at supplements and herbs: for instance...

Devil's Claw Root is a herb with anti-inflammatory properties that is often prescribed for arthritic conditions.

Even the best of us go through cycles and fachions and oday I am excited about Reishi mushrooms.

There is also a buzz about an Ayevedic (East Indian) herb called boswellia, which I don't know as well from personal experiance.

Glucosamine sulphate is anothe "buzz". Look it up on the net.

niacinamide is cited for OA, but I believe it is valuable in RA as well.

These several supplements and herbs can be tried, cautiously, singly or together - but give them time to work. Of Glucosamine its said that it usually takes about six weeks before effects are seen.

Homeopathic Ruta 6C can be taken once a day and may help.

Good luck, Robert. Please let me know what you try and how your mother responds.