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Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

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Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is used to treat emotional and physical shock. Reputedly it has brought people back from the edge of death. It has a deep action, but it can also be used in any case of simple emotional stress. In this context, for instance, I often prescribed it for insomnia. People vary greatly in their sensitivity to the Bach remedies. I have come to expect the Rescue Remedy to work, but can not predict in any particular case whether it will work a little or a lot.

Rescue Remedy can be taken undiluted, a few drops under the tongue in a clean mouth (away from food), or it can be diluted homeopathically one part in a hundred (the dilution should be agitated, or "succussed"). I'd advise you to try both ways, straight and as the first centesimal dilution (1C), and see which works best for you.

I know of no contraindications or side-effects - though it may render some people drowsy (particularly if they are in emotional shock). This is not a "side-effect", but rather a direct healing effect: sleep is certainly one of the best healing responses to stress and shock.

Because it is so gentle and completely harmless there is no restriction on its repetition. You can use it whenever you feel like it. (This is not the case with "homeopathic" remedies, or with most herbs, which should only be repeated as advised by a knowledgable prescriber.) Flower Essences can also be used safely and effectively with children, infants, and with animals.

In the first half of the twentieth century the English physician, Dr. Edward Bach (the pronounciation is a mystery some say "batch", some say "back", and some say "Bach"), explored the emotional energetics of various flowers and divined the uses of his 38 Bach Flower Essences.

As I understand it, to make a flower essence you put some petals in water in the sun, and the water patterns itself on the energetics of the flower: the solution imbibes the essence of the flower. (Dr. Bach preserved his Flower Essences by adding brandy to them.)

The Rescue Remedy is Dr. Bach's cocktail of five remedies tailored for "shock".

These are:

Star of Bethlehem for shock;
Rock Rose for terror;
Clematis for grounding;
Cherry Plum for psychic agitation; and
Impatience for negative affect.

Because the Flower Essences are so gentle and safe there is little reason why you should not self-prescribe any of them. Of course we often error in our self-prescriptions, so it can be valuable to have someone prescribe for you.

Books and courses are available on the use of the Flower Essences, but I find Dr. Bach's brief summary descriptions of the remedies the most valuable guide to their use.

Several other systems of Flower Essences have been developed which you can explore if you develop an enthusiasm for this treatment modality.

I want to stress again my deep respect for the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. It is often a wonderful little miracle, a great comfort, and sometimes a great wonder.

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