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Ezra talks of suffering

Ezra said
where the vulnerable reveals itself
we feel our pain

sharing turns our pain to love

look into the depth of your pain
into it's endless beauty

In the deep recess of the heart
love sleeps

We are like fountains

The power of pain
is to roll the stone
from the well of love
the spring of giving

No no no said Ez
The pain strips you bare
brings you to a meaningless place

The pain of the meaningless
gives rise to the I
to the I am

still meaningless
but this I
which rises from the meaningless
is the spirit
it's only the spirit that finds meaning
the spirit is meaning

Ezra said he wants to travel
the full span of his pain
because these sorrows
are the wings of love

It's where we meet each other
pain is the teacher

So I said
if pain is the teacher
then all my mistakes going free

Ee says his default state was loneliness
till he learned to love

Now no one's too busy for me

The moment we stop needing
we realize that that need was the pain

Pain? No meaning
but without pain
no meaning

Pain sets time free to fly
There is no meeting without Goodbye

They tell us life is compromise
Life is not a compromise!
Life is the event of the day

And we die
so that the event can grow into a myth
So each story has its ending

Our task
is to be happy in the end

Ezra pointed to the street
said this is the teacher
This is a great teacher

And the question
the question
wakens us from these dreams

And the question

where will my pain take me?

past fear





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