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Tell Me Christmas something happened again and again and each time it was like it could be the end he said he felt that she demeaned him she certainly found that he tore her apart he'd do it and she'd do it back a tennis match they ate each other most days were up and down vistas till out of reach endless beaches spread from the morning like eternities and this or that would happen glad things and bad things and things indifferent endless beach till I'd stub my toe on a rock or on fate clack a sudden sound of accident everything's changed and you can't go back for Christmas daddy came in dressed like Santa Claus he ho ho hoed and pulled a shotgun from his Santa's sack blam the whole universe exploding he shot the fugging turkey kabaff what do you do for an encore after something like that? well he doused the Christmas tree in kerosene and burned down the house and I sit here and wonder what happened to me tell me Christmas went away


The Christmas story is Andrew's and is true.
The rest is my recollection