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Virgo Through Scorpio

was real
but now it's gone
another summer
and another time

In other cloisters
time put on a veil
and walking slow and pale
beneath behind beside the moon
cast shadows and cast spells

In the lacunae between events
deep holes the void lie stagnant
Into these we cast our hopes and fears
as though we cast a ribbon
and a snake emerges
twined about our quarry
on the far side of the moon
on the far side of the room
fate is twined by wishes
and by the timeless I

Oh it will be so cruel
when you cast me away
you will take weeks
to get round to telling me
while vipers wreathe our bed
you'll veil your eyes
and move your heart
will I see still
illusions on the shell
and sitting close beside you
whisper no-one's name

You see the moon
has blossomed snow petals
on a cream lake
Tomorrow's fancy
was my special child -
spoilt and unreal
it cries the moon back into place
pulls forth the full bloom

Ah, what-could-be
I love you
already she has sung me
back to fragrance

Hear the crystals
now tintagelling
Guinevere's vacillation
See she moves her feet
her hips clasp that
mouth which dances
but I have no clue
how to receive the grail

which was real
and now is gone

another summer
another time




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