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Roots, the poem (explained)

I found myself in a nostalgic mood
thinking of a lost love
so "listless and bored"
I wrote of "toasting the hoard
the faces that filled my life and vanished"
then I waxed dramatic spouting how
I'd "striven with grief and twists
and briefed my soul to reach
for simplicity and splendour
to search and set high goals
and leave them high
for the wind to bless"

I thought again of "the joy of seeing
some dear face"
of "the fastness lent
by love reflected
these things that tied me to the world
anchors roots
these things that gave me substance

so I arrived at these lines
how "I grieve to leave
this marrying web
stepping once more
through the open door
not turning my head
as did Lot's wife to salt
but standing beyond the doorways
which close forever on forever
standing as Jesus walked on water
before 'I don't know'
and 'I might never see your face again
my mother father lover friends'

Scattered spider thread"





(an old poem I've just reworked the opening of)



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