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speaking of "gravity waves"
wikisays domain walls

Domain walls
when discrete symmetry is broken
they may coexist with possible space

Be aware of Barkhauen noise
Blick and Neel walls
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* * footnote

topological solitons*, defects, are solutions of quantum field homotopy (distinct from vacuum solutions) that can be PROVEN TO EXIST because boundary conditions entail the existence of homotopically distinct solutions boundaries on boundaries: specifically non-trivial homotopy groups preserving the differential which cannot decay or be undone or be de-tangled, precisely because there is no continuous transformation that will map them (homotopically) to a uniform or "trivial" solution.

*solitons are solitary waves
insolvable screw dislocations in crystalline materials, skyrmion and Wess-Zumino-Witten quantum fields drive phase transitions in condensed matter, lambda transition in universal class systems : screw/edge-dislocations magnetic flux , superconductors, vortices

The authenticity of a topological defect depends on the authenticity of the vacuum in which the system will tend towards infinite time elapses; false and true topological defects distinguished false and true vacuum, respectively.

BAMB e = mc2 BAMB

grand unified theories

further WIKISAYS: a soliton is a self-reinforcing solitary wave, a wave packet, or pulse, that maintains its shape while it propagates at a constant velocity. Solitons are caused by a cancellation of nonlinear and dispersive effects in the medium. (The term "dispersive effects" refers to a property of certain systems where the speed of the waves varies according to frequency. Solitons are the solutions of a widespread class of weakly nonlinear dispersive partial differential equations describing physical systems.

The soliton phenomenon was first described by John Russell in 1834







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