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  notes to my brother seth
I got stoned and wrote a poem


notes to my brother seth

I got stoned and wrote a poem

now some stuff might
seem crazy is what I think
have seen wonder about

you, bro seth seemed sane enough to me
in your two hour fit

(though i wonder about the sadness in the hippie music
and i worry about your ankle

me i'm falling into this solipsistic
(paranoia... delusional Alan Wattsian thing
that it must all be a "dream"
a "seems"
this must be a movie
and i'm dreaming my wildest (and worst) whims -
     how could anyone be as brilliant as me
     'snot likely -
{but the sadness round the hippie music where could that come from
from childhood or another life or ...

there is this spasmic thing that stoners now suffer
OhMyHolyGod woe

and bro seth you googled twitch weed
and we saw that it's common
(and there's a visceral version
I cramp in the gut (and there's nausea
and the diaphragm?)
and i think of it as a wound
this doom

so bro seth
why do we do it

(to visit a holy vision
of the divine

in kind your friend
Pasha (his hippie name)))})


my brother seth








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