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another version of Taff Wells

the hill above Taff Wells
- it is orange brown green
and misty cloud enveloped -
and it says "peace" to me
while the train rattles
and my gut rattles

the lady across the aisle
is she dumpy frumpy
I look away

all day I'm "judging" yeah
exhausting my patience
am I discerning learning
or just pecking away at my soul

they say there's an end to the journey
the wheels fall off the bus
and us elders
us oldies might look to meditation
or poetry
for relief

in the UK autumnal trees
are yellowy browns and brown greens
a refinement of the day
(how like an Etruscan,
no it was Grecian urn) observed
on our treadmill way

oh half a year and spring will spring lime bright
and we'll go walking through the town
expecting satisfactions to be there for a prayer
say thank you and smile
 been here before
in the light
 and the blight

while the hills above Taff Wells
brown greens and
veloped in cloud misty greys
say peace
say peace
on this autumnal day







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