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when my dog Lucky met Chase

when Lucky met Chase
they rolled in the hay
it was one of those
where you been! there you are! days
born in the same barn

me   I'm always looking for that friend
and sometimes believe I've found them
falling in love     loosing my heart
she let me believe   that she welcomed my courtship
ah with the intimacy of cats and babies.
she was "so cute"  "exactly"
and I saw all my life as a tempering
for the butterfly heart
the webbing between the cat's toes
if this is home I'm healed
why would the spirits send such signs
if she weren't mine

when Lucky met Chase
down on the boardwalk
they had their "pronto" moment
they nuzzled   they rolled
they there you are  corazon
there you are dear

they've met again twice since
Lucky and Chase
they've sniffed and wagged and walked

arriving at her door
I'd wondered   each time
what reality would meet me
is she that good friend of mine
oh webbing between cat's toes
and I dreamed  baby knows
here's everything
but wait
wait at the gate

walking my dogs, that's Lucky and Rita, walking the dogs through the quarry, the meadow space, they hunt mice. It seems the mice sometimes make their nests at the surface. The dogs wag their tails enthusiastically as they pull the nests apart, and sometimes snack on babies. Then I'll avoid the quarry for a few weeks. I'm not heartless.

yeah I'm angry of course
I feel teased by promise on promise
I do try to wait on the measure
of my September days
grateful but I'm bitter
the decades run
I thought she was my Chase

babe   whose going to fill your book
that was the gold ring
grab it

walking the dogs in the quarry meadow
again waiting her call
one more hello
not her dude her dupe
so I'll leave her with my love
my flowers and my CDs

I'm back in the quarry arguing with fate.
my life is little things
and I'm not enjoying the little things right
Rita  my beagle's  cuteness
Lucky  my blue healer's  smile
these things must now suffice
my heart has hardened since last night.
we've come to hunt the little mice









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