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Thank you Lord for the Flowers one down two to go they say here in America this morning's anxiety-worms are the standard fare nobody's calm out there 'cept the Valium kid and Megaboss lounging on his pussyskin couch with the bourbon belly blues no thought of Chernobyl the ill wind the slow obliteration down the drain and I might never see your face again slow obliteration now inevitable billed only second feature to the final jerk-off arma arma Armageddon Death's always had the upper hand even before Auschwitz but seldom has leisure been so harried art that was Sophocles art that was Shakespeare now it's Sly Stallone rehearsing the final jerk-off the traffic cops are trampling the lawns of sweet desire in this century as in the last the kick-ass boys are boss and piety sobriety with its hari hari Krishna is just another jerk-off under the juggernauts it doesn't feed babies and we're just picking at the bone of all that promise remember we thought love might endure before Playboy drowned it in a sea of tit - picking at the bone of desire cankered prick - to clear the way for tomorrow's big parade Star wars promises a bigger bang everybody gets a condominium everybody who is anybody who isn't in the street along with indifference Anxiety has gnawed at my stomach so long I just don't care any more I just don't care I haven't the strength to protest That's last years song blowing in the wind the acid rain the cedars gone and I might never see your face again slow death slow down come and sit here beside me and watch the final jerk-off I must confess I believe in miracles How else could we have come this far Two down one to go hot house ozone winter effect oil running out or spilling about whales dying in the acid acid acid rain dioxin food chain three mile Chernobyl the more's the merrier they say when three is not a crowd more love more food more time more peace more motor car The Chrysler The Ford and The Holy General God bless America money's shit spread it spread it natty dread it chopping down trees for tissue paper fax tall tall trees tall sacred pines sacrificed to this greed and there ain't no answer except to start again come again? "oh won't you stay.a.a.a just a little bit longer?" I see What? I said I see that poetry is just another jerk-off another peek in the narcissistic mirror priapus came again I said acid acid acid rain I said I see acid delusions wanked away our chance one last chance to seize the times seize the minds of one little generation gap lost the time for one little positive push one more try to be the good guys Hey, excuse me! get off my fucking waterbed man! These assholes think the world still owes them a living the mortgage is due in Rio Buenos Aires and Main Street pay up punk! Three up Three down Cash in your chips Ronnie Raygun has gone and hit the button Life's a bad dream wake up in birdland Flash. Burning flesh. Flash. Pain. Despair. Game over. Will eternity trickle on in a lifeless world? Bang. Big fucking bang! Flash. Game over. Silent city. Finito. End of story. (Sighs) Thank you Lord for the flowers nice touch that