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a purging poem if I wrote you a poem what would I write of how we love sweetly about how we fight of laughter and clowning of clutzing and frowning tentative quizzing and sundry misgivings smiles tears anger sorrow and joy tenderness bitterness lust kisses beauty and beauty deeply in it but what a silly bint you've been and what a put down artist and how difficult it is for you to say I'm sorry and all the miles you've walked for me and all the love we've shared and all the truths we faced and all the growth we've dared and all the times I've bared my heart and all the wretched tears of all the times I've whimpered and simpered in my fear all the times I've growled at you and all the lies what what what you wouldn't be that cruel to anyone you loved oh yes I would I'd write of all the times you've said I couldn't and all the time I could all the times I said you shouldn't and all the time you should of all the loving little ways and all the great bid tiffs there told you so what a dreadful liff but if you can laugh about it that's 'alf the battle so I'll just sign off here and end my senseless prattle (well it rhymes in parts in fits and starts) here give me your hand