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Consider the Lilies

she said we come from the light but I say we are molded from mud and that explains all our stupidities we're pretty smart for beasts but locusts perish in rat city it's dog eat dog and whether we wake or not matters only a jot cause it's all already accomplished God is evolved mud into mind mind into spirit worlds without end we are vouched safe in a flower [commentary] "... and that all our stupidities the tyrants option why we can't even walk camels we're pretty bright for beasts..." the tyrants option On Koshimo island where the hundredth monkey was said to occur (but didn't!) a niece of the monkey who first washed the yams started taking rice from the beach down to the water throwing it on the water so the sand fell away and scooping up the cleaned grained Again, as with washing the yams, some young females and juveniles of both sexes imitated and learned the new technology but adult males exercised "the tyrant's option" They would wait for a female or youth to wash the rice and then just go and take it As "Parliament" say in Chocolate City: "to each his reach" the tyrant's option Walking camels (or the eight match stick problem) There are these two camel trains (two strings of four matches) [image] that meet on a narrow mountain ledge with one space between them these camels can't (or won't) go backwards but they can jump one camel [image} so you set up the puzzle for someone and show them quickly how it is done (it takes just seven moves to solve it and its as easy as naughts and crosses {tic tac toe}) but people can't do it they get to the critical move and blindly compulsively make the same wrong move again and again even though (once you can see!) the moves, right and wrong, are obvious it seems that our brains are wired all wrong and I find this fascinating why we can't even walk camels