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Chunky's Poem

Sometimes I saw the moon shine down her face reflected the back off all her dreams a laughing stream But workmen came in hire of order built a wall that walled her in to channels that her great grand dame scored out between adventures Between the lines her thoughts flew back to me and what we were behind the moon and dreams And am I hard and wholesome straight as lance and substance? you know too I am stuff and nuisance jester poor and putty weeping lonesome spineless but the voice behind inside that says I am too I am too your kiss caressed And are you soft and lithesome distaff soft sweet child tumble-spill wedded to your life line lynx the past and future play and dreams and feeling just like you and me I don't know where your fears should lie I dare not feel sure enough to urge you to your madness but waters rise where love is cast and don't know where to run