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The Baby with the Bath Water what I think is that when you was born you was pushed down and out of a narrow passage your skull bones was squished and shifted like tectal plates pin head you burst neath your mother's tail at first you were a scream a face a mouth and hunger and mother was all or that bottle then you had another end and consequence cramps in the gut and bupps and little squeezy tease'ems tumbles life was not all ups and then there was mother and the wide world there was war beyond the window and rumours of war there was love and anger and aloneness in this twentieth century history tottering on the brink I had an oral phase from the first and a phase I got into "agency" with my face from the first to my mother I discovered my hands and played with them a lot ever since I had a stage a step of denial and a lot of this was around gut and bum and learning to say no and I had attachments to mum and there were hungers and fears urges and drives some of them built! and your hy.drol.ical model e.thol'ged them just fine and there was terror terror drives there is all sorts of drives dig? both in and out of relationship out? skewed about down into the unconscious belly and then there was the return [commentary]