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A Strut for Alice 

1975 Brighton
Theatre project
a revue piece
later Visa Versa of Poison Girls
and some University students
torturing a drama about the body
we would take The Body Show
to the Edinburgh fringe

The body
Vi said we had to be totally honest
or it wasn't worth the spit
I said well er
I have a sort of
prejudice er ah
I find fat a…

it was just the wrong time
Vi's 14 year old Punk son
was trash in the kitchen
and Gary, her lover
was I forget
so Vi wrote us all
a Kitchen Floor Stomp
where she was cleaning up
all trace of us
from off her kitchen floor…

a few rehearsals later
winding down
Vi asks me
Pasha! what do you want to do?

I said I just want to strut
Vi said well get on up and strut!
I heard distain
and I couldn't
but I went home
and wrote
A Strut For Alice

I'm a tower of passion
and a cauldron of wisdom and truth
I've been perceived
as a power quite smashing
'cause I'm so perfectly balanced
hard and smooth
and nobody fucks with Pasha
but that ain't because I'm uncouth
I ain't tread on your tail yet
sister don't hedge your bet
take a seat with your brothers
you ain't deified yet

Alice remember the Queen of Hearts
she was raving right through from the start
I know the tarts that she baked
were really hot cakes
but the knave who enjoyed those tarts
remember the liberties he gave

me babe I just wanna
be another sort of caterpillar
remembering what the dormouse said
feed your head Flower
or you ain't never gonna see no butterflies