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coming soon
this is a trailer for
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"Ted Allan in Spain: the movie, a Graphic Novel, first draft"
is an illuminated novella,
written by Norman Allan,
illuminated by Mark Mandel.

we plan to publish in 2015. .  
This is a trailer (for the trailer)....  
of the book ...  

January 1937 : Ted Allan turned 21 and readied to travel to Madrid to report on the Civil War for the Daily Clarion, the Canadian communist newspaper, and to work with his mentor, Norman Bethune - but Fred Rose, the Party Leader, has neglected to tell the Clarion...
To get to Madrid was an imperative.   Ted Allan enlisted in the International Brigade; traveling to Spain with 26 other North American volunteers... The Brigade sends Ted to Madrid to report... on Bethune! We learn that all 26 of Ted's traveling companions were dead within six weeks..



Ted tangled with a bitter, and envious, Ernest Hemingway. (He had been kissing the bride to be.)



Ted meets with Robert Capa, the war photographer, and his companion, Gerda Taro. In the movie, when Ted is troubled about how to handle "the problem with Bethune", Gerda suggests to Ted that he send Bethune to China.* Ted sends Beth back to Canada, and on ?

Capa leaves Gerda in Ted's "care". Of course Ted falls in love. Ted and Gerda visit the front to report on the battle of Brunette..




Will the cub reporter from Canada and the lovely war photographer survive the battle of Bruenette... ?

Coming Soon: the trailer to TAiS:tm

* in the book, ",,,: the movie," we will learn that this is not true is just a fiction of the movie... a Hollywood plot**
** subplot? piece of shtick   I think it is quite cute

* * *


for details of publication in 2015
email here, asking to be notified!