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1. because the fish are sensing each other, electrically, all the time

2. Live-blood analysis, Darkfield microscopy is fascinating. It takes a while to see what's going on, and once I knew, I didn't find it useful. Almost everyone is completely out to lunch. I've written several article/webticles? see
3. The DRX9000 spinal decompression: told a wonderful story, but… I tell the story, while I still believed in it, at An interesting here though is placebo… and I can't seem to where I've written about that. The more you inverst in a procedure, the bigger the placebo. Black and red pills work better than white and light blue pills. Surgury and chemo have the big placebo! And the DRX9000 was like something out of starwars, or at least Flash Gordon… and the price… you had to invest…
 4. my new homeopath is one of the partners in the lovely clinic I've started working with/at (4a)

4a. several homeopaths have taken my case, but, hither to, no prescribed "constitutional remedy" has worked for me. I have seen effects from "acute remedies", and felt one remedy - that was Rhus how to describe that feeling/sensing ? I don't have the words.)

5. there's a Madonna in Bruges by Michaelangelo! You have to be with her, quietly

6. I haven't read the wolf page yet. Ananda says to wait. One should not let the literature project its findings onto you     found the page looking fior images

7. remember: the substance is all gone after the 26th iteration, dilution.

8. now, on the net, though, I find "Einstein model" (which I guess express the relationship of phonons, photons, electrons, and the matrix.)

9. how did I connect? probably through Bruce, again. And was he called Harrison?

10. Kervran's "Biological Transmutations" story     and don't say "bull shit" till you've read it.                  http://www.infinite-energy. com/iemagazine/issue34/bookreview_biotrans.html

Oh, and water, water, what's going on in water?


11. I think his name was Harrison

12. 3H, Hydrogen-3     with, of course, one proton but two neutrons

13. conduction of high frequency signals in the collagen may, or may not, be superconductive

14.polar, and therefore conducting

15. This the "matrix", the stuffing substances, of connective tissues, in which collagen swims.

16. Pollack

17. They are "paraxial". I'll have to try and find me another physicist.