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18. It was at this point in the text's (this chapter's) first draft that I realized that I had been confuting multi-fibered with coaxial - pooh! That reminded me, that many years ago I learned that one of the way that homeopathic remedies may be prepared commercially was by spraying a vapor of the remedy prepared in alcohol over the little lactose pellets. Oh my God, I though, that shoots down all my speculations about these snowflake-like patterns in water, oscillating dipoles - how can they exist in a gas? and I stuck a note to that effect at the end of my Beyond Substance article on MAME:- and it was just last week that I realized that we were talking there about an "atomized" vapor - no gas at all, but droplets, and at an atonmic level those droplets are huge! They're swimming pools!

19. I have written about homeopathic aggravations in Aggravations, Risks and Benefits

20. when a patient presents with a morning migraine that disappears after their first coffee, that's likely a coffee withdrawal headache. Three days without coffee will usually cure that. But I'm back on my coffee. {Ananda said abstain for four or five days}

21. describes an aspect of their behaviour

22. and I don't know of anyone else who ever thought of this - bet someone has

23. having undergone one more (synaptic) process

24. except that both speak of an energy in the air

25. I was talking to Dan Macdonald in The Café and he pointed out the obvious (that I'd completely overlooked) that the great iterative process is…

26. I will speak of smudge and all in book two: secrets!