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Norman Allan : the story


Chapter 3: bafflement, the mind (and homeopathy)


1. "sat chit ananda" is said to be the form of God. Sat is the truth, the real. Chit is the mind, experience, Ananda is usually translated as bliss, but, as Nithyananda explains, ananda is that which can not be lost or reduced - it is the God-stuff. It is the quiet abiding.

2. a coincidence rather than a synchronicity

3. And Dave told me reading Hahnemann and Kent.

4. then newly discovered

5. an annual event, a dozen eclectically selected, cutting edge (open minded) scientist gathered for a weekend of brain-storming in the Bahamas (sponsored by a philanthropist called Fox, I think)

6. a leading Freanch authority on inflammation and the immune system

7. a type of white blood cell

8. actually, it may have been the other way round, but I think this reads better.

9. using Boericke's Materia Medica's little repertory.

10. Gelsinium 6 CH

11. 2014

12. Phillip Starkman

13. "Actually, in practicing the Dhamma, whatever happens, you have to start from the mind. Do you know what this mind is? What is the mind like? What is it? Where is it? Nobody knows. All we know is that we want to go over here or over there, we want this and we want that, the mind feels happy or sad, but the mind itself we can't know. What is the mind? The mind isn't "is" anything. We've come up with the supposition that whatever receives impressions, both good and bad, we call "heart" or "mind". … Who receives sense impressions? Who lets go of sense impressions? That's what we call "mind". But we don't understand it, so we think around in circles. "What is the mind? What is the heart?" Don't confuse the issue like this. What is it that receives impressions? Some impressions it likes and some it doesn't. Who is that? Is there something that likes and dislikes? Sure there is, but we don't know what it's like. That's what we call "mind". Understand? Don't go looking far away."