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Norman Allan : the story


Chapter 2: Spirit: an atheists guide to the divine footnotes


1. Pan's Labyrinth is about obedience and disobedience, for instance. Hamlet, beware of ghosts! one of the only times I was able to see "the moral"

2. so I was told.

3. or visit Beyond Substance ( if you don't want to wait.

4. So, giving due praise to Stoppard's wonderful "R & G are Dead", here's the dirt on "Shakespear in Love". Don Miller wrote the first drafts of "SiL" with a working title of "The Dark Lady". He showed it to Universal and they stole it! In the court case, Don's expert demonstrated that Marc Norman and/or Stoppard cut out perhaps a quarter or a third of Don's scenes, but kept all the rest in their original order (and added no new scenes!) So the whole structure and plot is Don Miller's. Stoppard, though, created the characterizations (but not the dramatis personae) and the dialogue, and they are wonderful. Here, but Tom, give Don Miller his due! (5)

5 Oh, Don got $6,000,000 in the settlement (well, his lawyers got most of it) and a gag order.