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I killed a fly this morning
“squeegeeing” the shower
I look out for the little guys
(I call them delta flies
they are very tiny bathroom folk)
my squeegee was in motion
as I saw my wee “friend?”

(all my relations we say)
I saw him, it, move –
he’s balled up in some tissue now
on my altar
I’ve said a prayer


and meanwhile you’re caught in such a noose
and so much fur is flying

I think it is called
“poem with a lot of footnotes”
but “cuddles“ for short

cuddles are best
the old man giggled
remembering his dogs his cats his kids
the little girl on the train
to her mummy
(me leaving
– you on the platform in Cardiff)
cuddles is best
she said

ah the old man sighed
cuddles were best
he paused
lust comes next

said for a laugh
because contact
contact was everything


again, before i add/post a new poem, the more “important” things on my website include: …

an article on research into homeopathy/”ultradilution” which, I think, takes us quite some way towards explaining the phenomena – click on Beyond Substance

before i add/post a new poem, the more “important” things on my website include my novella, Ted Allan in Spain: the movie

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spotted dog

spot 01 2in


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three thoughts
in search of the mind


in the weave of the world
this does not explain “knowing”

does “knowing” exist
in the “possible”    watching

willing    in the weave of the world
as it unfolds

so that we exist in the
“observing it happen”
a “quantum” phase (forgive me)
we watch it happen
watch with will
observing    acting
and without us barren moonscape

in us cultures civilizations academies
wars    rumours of wars
and by jolly it is indeed “quantum”
(the “how it comes
came out of nothing”)
in pixels of energy

oh   our visual fields
aren’t really just pixels
they are patterned and smudged iterations
of a something that is happening somewhere
sliding down time


so “knowing” exist possibly
in the waves
in the fields of probability


in the weave of the world


being is because      though

the “possible” is an abstraction
a “what could be”       yet

everything is in the possible
that’s what there is

until it happens
then it’s in stone

dead and gone

out of the possible
into the was


why does the stone go from “the possible” to “was”
without passing through “is”?
she asked
because “is” may just be “maybe” collapsing into “gone”
oh! except in them mind

the neural process is an “incompleteness” *, an intrinsically “in process”  thing,
and this perhaps makes it special, for it is still in the “possible”, unfolding,
even while it is happening

consider those visual fields
that start as a page of pixels
through two iterations they become domains
of contrast surrounds (think circles and dots)
then an iteration compounding both eyes
a fifth iteration brings linear boundaries
a sixth into movement and direction
and many many more before
a cat sees mouse or dog
all of this sliding down time
and where is the world seen
in the visual fields?
the electromagnetic fields?

and how long was this phrase in your mind
it’s the stretch of the process
its depth in time
where root and branch join all phases
from “possible” to “was”
that’s unique in this world

beyond rock and computer
a flow stretching tenuously through a viscous
multiplex, ineffable, labyrinthine moment
freed from was and maybe




* see “iteration in the CNS” at

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