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Monthly Archive for March, 2017

when Lucky met Chase

when Lucky met Chase     when my dog Lucky met Chase they rolled in the hay it was one of those where you been!  there you are!  days born in the same barn   me   I’m always looking for that friend and sometimes believe I’ve found them falling in love    loosing my heart she […]

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conservation in the multiverse

in the multiworld universe (of Everett), whatever happened to the conservation of mass and energy? Bookmark It Hide Sites

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Quantum Existence

Quantum Existence Lisa Randall, a physicist, reviewing Carlo Rovelli’s book, “Reality in not what it Seems”, takes issue with his statement: “Electrons don’t always exist. They exist when they interact. They materialize… .” Randell objects: “Stocks may not achieve a precise value until they are traded, but that doesn’t mean we can’t approximate their worth… […]

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