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Monthly Archive for June, 2011

presence: a poem

“presence” It was in the shadow under the trees in among the repeated fragments me running jogging in the bright morning light of early summer Another dog walker a little ahead broad beamed and among my self judgment (on judging her beam) somewhere there was Presence again amid the filtered light bright greens a solidity […]

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big girl: painting

click on the pigeon to home I darkened the background to this, and now I like it a lot. see it larger, and with other works, at art, summer, 2011 click on the pigeon to home Bookmark It Hide Sites

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I told the model that while I was working on this I was think about, debating writing “Jazz” in bold blue letters in the bottom left-hand space, and she said that while she was sitting, her head was so full of rich and varied thought that she felt it was like a jazz improvisation. so […]

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