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Monthly Archive for May, 2011

new work

see my new work at summer 2011 sorting through my work I found quite a few pieces I wasn’t sure about, whether to chuck or keep, so I’ve started working on them further. Above, and I’m not sure if this is finished yet, I added the purple squiggle to her forehead, which suggested a religions […]

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moan 98: a poem

moan 98 you see first I thought depression was worst but then I met desperation and confusion followed cause how can the dark night be so boring Kay’s friend Sad Mike visited us from the ward I’m bored he said just bored and then he was gone Sad Mike blazed the trail into the sad […]

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Catching Butterflies: a short story

I’ve strung together some short stories, and added filler, as a stab, as a start of a memoir framed  as a letter to Brenda. The first story is of Crazy Jane… its titled “Catching Butterflies” please send me feed back at normanallandr@yahoo.ca links on my website click below click on the pigeon to home Bookmark […]

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picture of a woman

there are new pictures almost every week on my spring art 2011 page click on the pigeon to home икони Bookmark It Hide Sites

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