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Monthly Archive for December, 2010

Darcy’s mastectomy

I’ve a couple more pieces for the Darcy’s mastectomy series click on the pigeon to home Bookmark It Hide Sites

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Politically: a poem

Politically I can find no words nor pictures yet the sand runs a cop leans against his car on this mainstreet evening and I’m sure he wants to be either a good guy or the meanest mother and probably a bit of both I’m loath to return to the all coppers are rune its just […]

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In my youth I wrote/composed some “aphorisms”, that I thought quite clever at the time. The one that’s stayed with me was… “Man needs novelty like a tree needs space. The novelty of the trees is space enough” Well, I’m older now, and I see that that isn’t true, but I do love the contouring […]

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