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Monthly Archive for September, 2010

Later in the Annex

Bumped into Ian and Louie saying hello to Alan. “Two Alan’s,” said Ian, including me in this three way meeting, years, decades under the bridge. Is it eighteen years ago we hung out in the Future bakery? (Ian and Louie were young.) Alan says, yeah, he’s still playing rock and roll and doing odd jobs, […]

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Untitled: such a short time

such a short time and I’ve been so impatient see the sun set the sun set and my good friends and my true love dissolved and here’s this dog that’s been a dozen years with me struggling for breath and leaving me tomorrow (we’ve set the clock) and yes I have a tear and that […]

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altering Liza

added yellow to Liza see her bigger and better at Art Summer 2010 earlier Liza what a difference sun or clouds make to the colour of the photo slightly earlier still click on the pigeon to home икони Bookmark It Hide Sites

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