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Monthly Archive for August, 2009

untitled: my friend’s dear friend

my friend’s dear friend now we meet a year later and we’ve a few words an embrace to greet an embrace to part nothing comes to mind to bind and here am I alone again on our wide earth with only a fond memory of my friend’s dear friend click on the pigeon to home […]

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New old pictures

I’ve posted some new old pictures at http://www.normanallan.com/Lit/gallery/artrium.htm click on the pigeon to home please write to me at normanallandr@yahoo.ca Bookmark It Hide Sites

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Untitled: Tee says…

Untitled: Tee says… Tee says you’ve only yourself to blame and death’s alright I say the harrowed soul has nowhere to go except to implode Tee says that worry is the sad ego’s ploy the petulant child’s complaint perpetuated without restraint and you should… I should just fucking let go Phil says trust the pain […]

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