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Monthly Archive for January, 2008

truism ten be grateful just be grateful, you’ll fell better. see also:truisms click on the pidgeon to home please write to me at normanallandr@yahoo.ca www.normanallan.com Bookmark It Hide Sites

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Barry’s no brainer

Barry’s no brainer My mate, Barry, has had an awesome thought: it should be a no brainer… What if you put an inforced speed limit on cars, say 55 miles per hour, or 60. You could put “governers” on vehicles so they wouldn’t go any faster. It would reduce petrol/gas consumption considerably. and with that […]

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a bitter poem or doggerel

a bitter poem or doggerel So quick to anger, the human race. So quick to fly in it’s own face. A trivial frustration threw the pudding on the floor. An aggravating quibble sent a lover out the door. So quick to anger, to gnash out loud. So ugly and vicious, righteous, proud, And where’s redemption […]

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