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Monthly Archive for October, 2007

works on wood: nude

Here is another of the new work on wood to view larger click you can find more at works on wood . . Visit my picture gallery Most of the work can be purchased through the Laurier Gallery – 416 232 0217 – or phone 416 928 9272 or email me to arrange this. click […]

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a personal biography

I’ve edited the first chapter of my autobiographical writings, a bit (it doesn’t ramble verbosely quiet as much to start). Take a look click on the pidgeon to home please write to me at normanallandr@yahoo.ca www.normanallan.com Bookmark It Hide Sites

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Ted Allan, a biography; chapter 15, Genevieve A few years back I wrote a biography of my father, the dramatist, Ted Allan official site.Then a short while ago I took it down off the internet to re-edit it, and I’m putting it back up chapter by chapter. Today I’ve posted a draft of chapter 15 […]

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“what do you say?”

Two storys about parents saying “What do you say?” :… Richard’s mother was a very posh English lady. Richard’s four year old son, Chrisopher, was a rather normal child. Granny was with her grandson, Christopher, in a greengrocers in Kensington. The greengrocer gave Christopher a banana. Granny says, “What do you say?” and Christopher sayd, […]

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Luck and Rita

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the two schools: two

Monarch Park there are two schools either side of Monarch Park, and I know little about them… Monarch Park to the east, and St, Patrick’s to the west… but they ‘mind me of two schools in my childhood, “A long time ago.” many links…. When I was young in Mimico oh so very long ago […]

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