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Monthly Archive for August, 2007

willful men: the video

then we’d jump on the horse
bareback we’d ride
kick in our heels

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norman on youtube: poem with music

all these lines don’t meet

the dog in the park
he’s a stranger

decades of effort
to get back here
a wasted journey
the water’s flowing
and you are nothing but a stranger
a dream

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its calming’
a nervine relaxant;
for the stomach too, a carminative;
a deep, gentle heart tonic;
its a very interesting herb for women,
moderates (?) estrogen,
perhaps the best “simple”
for menopuase.

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Explaining almost everything This was the title I gave to a treatise I wrote after seeing in black and white homeopathic DNA bind its material complementary strand. Seeing this homeopathic phenomenon, staring me in the face, as it were, and whispering “I’m a harmonic phenomenon,” all sorts of pennies dropped. Read the introduction to the […]

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I don’t see… I don’t see that the Creator is evident in His creation. I think, for the most part, this “miraculous” world once uttered in the Big Bang unfolds through quantum and Darwin. For the most part the Creator hides as men spin lies and the devil rides in our hearts along with the […]

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the Creator hides: rewrit again

the Creator hides
as men spin lies
and the devil rides
in our hearts
with the grinch
and the glad-eyed boys
in their many dimensions
dancing dancing
with the kiss-me girls
so wanting to trust love

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