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Monthly Archive for June, 2007

An observation on a backache

a “total load” effect in musculoskeletal ailments and discomforts.

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untitled: “She’s walking…”

She’s walking the beach
arranging garbage
in meaningful patterns

Here, take this shell
No, put it over there

There’s a bottle top
and a piece of string

Will she tie her mind together
or bottle her emotions
or sail away in a seashell boat
and see how far she can float

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But please not that:
the law of attraction
is trumped by karma,
and by Grace

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is there anybody reading this who can ship burdock root, organic? Gobo, to my patients? Cheledonia mother tincture? (I will refine this posting) Bookmark It Hide Sites

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I’ve been drawing on untreated plywood panels with water pastel, pencil, ink, and more and more mixed media… . Visit my picture gallery Most of the work can be purchased through the Laurier Gallery – 416 232 0217 – or phone 416 928 9272 or email me to arrange this. Bookmark It Hide Sites

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chapter six

so I’ve posted chapter six of my personal biography Chapter Six: Beyond Substance its about homeopathy would you believe I hope you will I was blessed to be at the center of a swirle about homeopathy, that open doors (where though, is the spell check, and why don’t people contact me about all this wonderful […]

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