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Monthly Archive for April, 2007

Book List

One of the greatest gifts is a really fine book, but often they are hard to find. Here are some of my favorite books:-click here for “Norman’s Book List“ Bookmark It Hide Sites

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I believe that there are some interesting, relevant thoughts about consciousness in my treatise on pattern and resonance. For starters, take alook at the introduction. Neural processes are iterative in nature. Vision, for example, occurs in the retina (at three levels), then in the lateral geniculate body (in six leaves), then in the primary visual […]

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Those six other dimensions that didn’t expand at the Big Bang, where are they? Why there here. And where is here? They say, in the standard model that here is where the Big bang happened and everything is expanding away from “here”. So the other dimensions, that didn’t expand, are they all here, overlapping? Take […]

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