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Vol 1, No. 6,
August/September 2005

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Again, the bulk of this newsletter is made up of items I've seen in the press, related to health, that you might have missed, that might be of interest.

It's also an opportunity for me to tell you about my
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Newspaper clippings
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"... Vitamin C won't prevent common cold"Globe and Mail, 28 June 2005

A meta-analysis of 23 studies published in the journal Public Library of Science Medicine found that vitamin C did not prevent or shorten symptoms of the common cold in the general public. However, in 6 studies of athletes and soldier experiencing extreme physical stress vitamin C reduced the occurance of colds by 50%!

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"Hormone Dose May Increase People's Trust In Strangers" New York Times, 2 June 2005

"...oxytocin, (a hormone) which circulates widely in the body during childbirth and lactation - prompts warm relations and mating in other mammals." An article published in Nature showed that the "hormone in humans can consistently alter something as socially sensitive as trust. ... In the study, the participabts played an investment game with anonymous partners. Those who were given oxytocin invested more money with the partner than did those who did not receive the hormone..."
   "The oxytocin nasal spray used in the (Swiss) stuy is not available in the United States; it is prescribed in Europe and elsewhere for inducing contractions (of the uterus) or stimulating lactation..."

   "Neuroscientists ... argue that oxytocin is not so much a trust serum as a kind of brain messenger that primes animals to overcome their natural aversion to others. It allows for what the call "approach behaviour"... "
    It's why the momma cat purrs so.

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Most Will Be Mentally Ill At Some Point, Study Says
New York Times, 7 June 2005

A new study by the National Institute of Mental Health suggests that 55% of Americans will suffer from s mental disorder during their lifetime. 28.8% will have an anxiety disorder (including 4.7% with panic disorder), 20.8% will have a mood disorder (including 16.6% with major depression), 24.8% impulse-control disorder, 14.6% substance disorder (including 13.2% alcohol abuse and 5.4% alcohol dependence)


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"Non-Dieters Weigh the Same, but They're Happier"
New York Times, 14 June 2005
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Genes and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
New York Times, 2 Aug 2005

"using sophisticated genetic analysis techniques, the researchers (at Imperial college, London and published in The Journal of Clinical Pathology) compared gene expression in the blood of patients with the syndrom and that of a group of healthy controls matched for age and sex. They confirmed that the expression of 16 genes was significantly different in the patients with chronic fatigue."
"(Previous studies showed that) ...patients with chronic faigue syndrome have activated immune systems, showing increased numbers of T-cells and other germ-fighting bodies.
   "The genes appear to induce blood changes symptomatic of a whole variety of disorders, which may help explain why the symptoms of the syndrome are so varied."

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Wealth Is Likely to Mean Less pain at Life's End
New York Times, 2 August 2005

Hey, we knew that...

Yoga May Help Minimize Weight Gain in Middle Life
New York Times, 2 August 2005


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