Herbs for "Women’s Complaints"

Neutral Tonics include:
  (see below)

Estrogenic Herbs include:
  Dong Quai
  Blue Cohush
  Black Cohush

Progesterogenic Herbs include:
  Wild yam

note, that Raspberry is a balancing herb
that may reduce excess hormones.

emmenagogues: normalise menstrual cycle
          (use for: amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia,
              other menstrual imbalances)
parturifacient:   stimulate uterine contractions, aid childbirth (labour)
uterine tonic:  support and tone the function of the uterus (general)

Black cohush      Cimicifuga racemosa

antispasmodic            relaxes peripheral nerves
emmenagogue            tonic for reproductive system
                                           ovaries and pituitary
nervine relaxant
parturifacient               stimulates uterine contractions                                  and dilation of cervix
uterine tonic               specific for: uterine cramps                                  menopause

Blue cohush        Caulophyllum thalictroides

emmenagogue            menopause
uterine tonic
                                 synergistic with Cimicifuga

Chastetree berries      Vitex agnus castus

emmenagogue           pituitary, ovaries
uterine tonic               menopause
                                 synergistic with Cimicifuga
                                 balancing (as is Cimicifuga)

Motherwort           Leonorus cardiaca

antispasmodic            a harmonising herb
antidepressant            and a specific for emotional layers
relaxing nervine
uterine tonic

Lemon balm          Melissa officinalis

antidepressant            synergistic with Motherwort
relaxing nervine

Partridgeberry      Mitchella repens
(Squaw vine)

antispasmodic              similar to Black cohush (see above)
uterine tonic

Ginger                     Zingiber officinalis

stimulating uterine tonic  useful in amenorrhea                                  use in "cold" conditions                                  "catalyst": use small quantity                                  to "potentise" formula

Wild Ginger           Asarum canadense

emmenagogue            synergistic with Blue cohush
stimulating uterine tonic   therefore useful in amenorrhea
                                 use in "cold" conditions
                                 "catalyst": use small quantity
                                  to "potentise" formula
antineoplastic          specific, uterine/ovarian cancers

Dong quai                Angelica sinensis

uterine tonic

Raspberry leaves    Rubus repens

parturifacient                  a safe beverage during pregnancy
uterine tonic