epilepsy after trauma


W.L. asks, "Dr. Allan, my wife was injured in a collision almost 2 years ago. She was diagnosed with Level III Brain injury (catastrophic) on the Glasgow Outcome Scale. She suffers anywhere between 3-30 petit mal seizure episodes per day. She is on Topamax and Dilantin to try to control these episodes. It has really messed up her life. She is using a walker/cane/wheelchair to get around and if she overexerts herself, has another seizure.

Is there anything you might suggest in the line of herbal remedies that may help these to subside. I'm afraid the side effects of the medication(s) she is taking may cause her further damage to her liver, kidneys or some other important part of the body."

Iím not sure we can free her completely from her medications, but perhaps we can help.
(caveat: double-check these suggestions with your doctor! St. Johnwort accelerates detox, so may effect half-lives of medicines)

St. Johnswort is a "nervine vulnerary", a wound healer for the nervous system. Start you wife cautiously on St. Johnswort tincture, just a few drops to start with. Very slowly raise the dose to a maximum (you may want to stop earlier - monitor closely to see how she feels - and increase the dose very slowly) - a maximum of 30 drops three times a day.

Homeopathic first aid treatment would include the use of arnica, which we use for trauma and shock.
Start with Arnica 30C - 3 pellets dissolve in a clean mouth in the morning, once a day.
In the mid afternoon give Nat. sulph 30C - 3 pellets dissolve in a clean mouth.
Also use Arnica 200C - 3 pellets dissolve in a clean mouth in the evenings.
Try this for a week and see if you see any changes, and get back to me.

I suspect that acupuncture could be useful. Also, in my oractice I would try CranioSacral Therapy to see if it can help.

Good luck.