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against the grain.











Dec 2010


















Untitled: of course…

Of course, truth was totally elusive, not even hiding in the grain. The blues were red. The reds were blue. As always, I looked for meaning. He posed for dollars and perhaps for vanity. We sat round in a semi-circle sketching in vain and in vanity. Traditionally the studio would smell of linseed. Perhaps the meaning was in the scent. The meaning's gone acrylic. What are we taking home? A flight to the moon. I'm going to wash these words, wash them into the grain, and watch the waffle deepen. Yet I'm going to find meaning here and share, and the meaning will have something to do with approximation, and something to do with intent, and with interpretation, and with the "intellegence" of the process which is kind, though cruel, and cruel, though kind.






mixed media (water pastels, pen, pencil) on plane plywood



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