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When Ezra plays the Aranjuez

he sees Achilles before the walls of Troy




so now he rehearse
the Aranjuez
Rodrigo's Concerto for Guitar

with the collective
of musicians


Achilles speaks of sorrow.

Agamemnon, dishonors me.


my constant friend since childhood,

is slain.

Here is no honor.

There is only tears and vengeance.


Ezra sees Priam come to Achilles

to retrieve the body of Hector.

Priam cries for the death of his son;

bemoans Troy besieged,

Troy, which was the jewel of the world,

burnt and fallen..


Ezra hears

the Grecian heroes complain

of eleven years exchanged

for a night of rape and plunder.




He hears the Trojan women

weep for their children.


Even the very stones and flower come to complain

how they are trampled in the fields.



Ezra sees Priam speaking

to the survivors
telling them

they must carry the spirit of Troy forever,

the light that was Troy has to keep shining.




Ezra sees life conquering pain.

Moss and lichen cover the stones,

cover the story.












Paris fell in love with beauty,
chose Aphrodite,
and was give Helen.
"There," said Love,
"is love.
Go take it."
So Paris took Helen



Paris, the toy of the gods,
Everyone is carrying their pain,
and in this they are absolved...

But Swan Lake is also with us,
and Ezra says...

a man walks
 and waddles
  like a swan
   in a pond
and he realises
 he can fly
  and he lifts
   towards the sky
    wings winnowing
and the more he climbs
 the more he soars
  the more he realises
   his mortality





"Priam says

Troy is where(ever) we are."

The light will not be extinguished











         to be continued