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Summer 2011




sorting through my work I found quite a few pieces I wasn't sure about, whether to chuck or keep, so I've started working on them further. Above, and I'm not sure if this is finished yet, I added the purple squiggle to her forehead, which suggested a religions theme, perhaps martyrdom, flipped Durer's Sebastian...



















Tanya 2007/11
again, I'm not sure if this is finished yet...

nor those below...

The dove in the background,

ah, you can't see it.

It's hovering on the plane of

what's going on here.

The dove in the background

is our certificate of suchness.

And the void in the foreground

is the world.









this, though, above, is last Sunday's.
it was open house at the Arts and Letters Club
so the model, Maggie, was costumed












another older piece above (just added the black background)

and new stuff below


I told the model that while I was working on this I was think about,
debating writing "Jazz" in bold blue letters in the bottom lefthand space,
and she said that while she was sitting, her head was so full
of rich and varied thought that she felt it was like a jazz improvisation.

so this is "Jazz"












below are some pieces from the "are these finished?" pile that perhaps, or with a minor touch, are







Tanya says the piece below isn't finished

                                             16" x 26"     



mixed media (water pastels, pen, pencil) on plane plywood



Most of the work can be purchased
phone me 416 928 9272 or email to arrange this.