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The Shiva Sutras




These are ink blots I made in 1967/68
for the "Shiva Sutras" / "Guru Gita".
The sutras came to me as a book called
"Centering" by Paul Reps and Lakshmanjoo.
which runs thus...



Shiva says.....



Devi says:

O Shiva, what is your reality?
What constitutes seed?
Who centres the universal wheels?
What is this life beyond form pervading form?
How may we enter it fully,
above space and time< names and descriptions?

Let my doubts be cleared!




Shiva replies:

Radiant one,
this experience may dawn between two breaths
After breath comes in
and just before turning up
the beneficence



As breath turns from up to down
and again
as breath curves from down to up
- through these turns realise



at this moment
let mind, knowing, breath, form,
be included.



Or, whenever inbreath and outbreath fuse,
at this instant
touch the energyless energy-filled center



Or, when breath is all out
and stopped of itself
or all in and stopped -
in such universal pauses
one's small self vanishes.




When in worldly activity,
keep attentive between the two breaths,
and so practicing,
in a few days
be born anew



With utmost devotion
center on the two junctions of breath
and know the knower



Attention between eyebrows
let the mind be before thought

Let form fill with breath-essence
to the top of the head
and there shower as light



see all space as if already absorbed
in your own head in the brilliance



Gracious one,
the universe is an empty shell
wherein your mind frolics infinitely.





my thought,


internal organs





Enter the sound of your name
and, through this sound
all sounds



In the beginning
and gradual refinement
of the sound of any letter



Feel yourself as pervading all directions
near and far




With your entire consciousness
in the very start of desire,
of knowing,



At the point of sleep
when sleep has not yet come
and eternal wakefulness vanishes,
at this point being is revealed


While being caressed, sweet princess,
enter the caressing as everlasting life.


In an easy position,
gradually pervade an area between the armpits
into great peace.

As waves come with water
and flames with fire,
so the universal waves with us.

"no thing"


meditate on the make-believe world
as burning to ashes,

and becoming,
and become
being above human




unminding mind,
keep in the middle -



your passive form
to be an empty room with walls of skin -



Stopping ears by pressing
and rectum by contracting,
enter the sound of sound




Enter space




  Just as you have the impulse to do something,



  When on a bed or a seat,
let yourself become weightless,
beyond mind.



  Look upon a bowl
without seeing the sides
or the material.
In a few moments become aware.




(This is your own being
[as true as false]
and not an alien.

Thou art one focus,



  Focus on fire rising through your form
from the toes up
until the body burns to ashes
but not you.



  O lotus-eyed one, sweet of touch.
when singing, seeing, tasteing,
be aware you are
and discove the ever-living.




         to be continued