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"artist's statement"
f the first line works, you stop…
if not, you work it till it "works"
then you stop

sometimes I'll weather them in the yard a year or two

then work them further

and early discards paneled Tanya's loft

The one piece I can talk about is "Happy Auschwitz"

I saw this picture in the NYT
tore it out in-awe jaw agap
said look at that! to anyone
then drew it
and it didn't work
oh maybe, cropped it does: but it didn't
till I washed out miss piggy's face
(in the lower left hand corner)
and now the dissonance works for me


and I'll often be contrarian like "that might be red, no blue."

I wanted to draw and paint because the paintings sometimes, and now often
amaze and delight me

I start, scribble "a riff on", and work it till its done
till it works